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This is my artwork! I really hope you take a look through here because I spend a lot of time drawing these pictures and making them perfect for you people to see them! So sit back and enjoy! :la: :happybounce: :dummy:
:popcorn: :stereo:


Note, I only fav what I think is the best! Something that really truly amazes me. I don't fav things at random, everything has a purpose. :+favlove: :+favlove: :squee: :+favlove: :+favlove:


Hero's Come Back!! by SanetomoIjuin

This is very good! I love the effect when the light hits the back of the hair. The background is unique but could use some blur or shar...




FeatherDance (A Work In progess...) by BluestarVampireNinja
FeatherDance (A Work In progess...)
I finally mustered up the energy to draw a picture of FeatherDance. Unfortunately, I am having trouble redesigning her cutie mark... Anyhow, I figured I would post what I have for now.

This is my OC but I do not own MLP obviously. So, most of the credit goes to Lauren Faust, for being such an amazing person. :)
That's right! I'm back, and stronger than ever! Do you hear that? No? Well it's the sound of new pictures and comics fighting their way to my submissions!
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Ominous Night by BluestarVampireNinja
Ominous Night
Just another watercolor like my "Murder at Sunset" painting. Noting too special, but i'm still proud of it.
Alternate Style: Bluestar by BluestarVampireNinja
Alternate Style: Bluestar

Just as the crappy title suggests, I attempted to use a new style to draw Bluestar. It came out pretty okay. I'm not displeased with it… yet. I'm sure in a month or two I will look back at this and think it's the worst drawing I've made yet, but I am relieved I have finally broken my artists-block.


Murder At Sunset by BluestarVampireNinja
Murder At Sunset

So I was looking at my art supplies when I realized I own an unused set of watercolors. Deciding I hadn't done a watercolor in awhile and wanting to make something I can share to my page, I realized half-way through that I had lost all common sense. I didn't tape down the paper and I painted the tree with black paint BEFORE doing the background, which was a bad idea, because the light watercolor paints left visible smudges on the tree. I had to paint over the tree a second time to hide all the water damage and paint residue. In the end, it turned out pretty nice, I was able to tape it down in time and I have learned my lesson for the future; when using black acrylic  paint in a watercolor painting, apply it last!.


Originally the painting was only a black tree and landscape with a sunset. The crows were a pleasant after-thought when I realized the picture looked too empty. The crow is my favorite bird after all.  I had a debate with my brother on whether the background looked like a sunrise or sunset and he told me it depends on your mood; if you're happy it's a sunrise and sad is sunset but I disagree. If you're awake early enough to see the sun rise, it's pretty damn sad. Also, if you have ever waited for dawn, it's cold, empty, and depressing. Sunsets are more romantic. In this picture, it's more of a just-after-sunset feel, as if it's dusking, so it's a bit ominous with the red darkening the sky at the bottom.


That's right! I'm back, and stronger than ever! Do you hear that? No? Well it's the sound of new pictures and comics fighting their way to my submissions!
  • Mood: Sadness

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